Fact number one- there isn’t a person on earth that hasn’t dreamed of winning the lottery. Fact number two- some of us actually do win. Imagine the house you’d buy, the loans you’d pay off, the trip around the world you’d take, and the Porsche cabriolet you’d drive. But as it turns out, becoming an overnight millionaire isn’t all about me me me. Here’s 5 lottery winners who didn’t let the money get the best of them and managed to do something good with it.

 Caleb Aaron: Total Winnings $114 Million

When he won the $111 million on Powerball in 1993, a lottery record at the time, Caleb Aaron didn’t have much doubt on how to spend his money. He decided to build and run a day camp for children called Camp Winnegator. The camp runs successfully to date with Caleb being involved in the day to day operations of the camp.

Harry and Emily Rosner: Total Winnings $178 Million

After winning half of MegaMillions $360 million jackpot in 2007, the couple hired a team of investing experts to represent them. They opted for an early retirement and donated all profits that stemmed from bank interest to various charities around the world.

John Diaz: Total Winnings $178 Million

In the exact same MegaMillions game, the other half went to truck driver John Diaz. He wasn’t about to do the uncontrolled spending. Since he is an avid fisherman, he decided to buy himself a new boat and spend his days fishing. He also took upon himself to pay home mortgages for his family members and relatives.

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Andrew and Leslie Ramsay: Total Winnings £161 Million

This lucky couple from Scotland managed to pair humanity with a good living. Although they have made some big spending like buying a £3 million mansion, they also were not reluctant to share the money with others in need. Among many donations to the local community and setting up The Ramsay Charitable Trust, they have made a four-year-old Skye Swinton really happy by funding her spinal operation.  Another £3 million of their winnings went to the “Yes!” campaign that supported the independence of Scotland from the UK.

Jeff and Sharon Hall: Total Winnings $295.8 Million

The biggest winners on our list. The couple was one of two winners, who won the Powerball jackpot of $591.6 million in November 2012. Jeff and Sharon Hall decided to give back to their community and buy something for themselves as well. Many donations the couple has made, including a new fire station and ball field to Mark’s hometown Camden Point as well as a $50,000 donation aimed towards the sewage treatment plant. North Platte High School, where they both graduated, also received a generous scholarship fund contribution from the couple.

What’s your lottery dream? Maybe a win would allow you to quit your job and travel the world with your family. Maybe donate millions to charities and help others in need. Whatever your goal in life, why not play this week’s U.S Powerball, MegaMillions or Euro Millions and make it happen!

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