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Best Holiday Destinations in Asia You Haven’t Visited Yet

The summer holidays are almost here, and now’s the best time to plan our vacation if you want to get the deals flight tickets and hotels. And if by chance you’ve already mentioned the word ‘vacation’ in front of the kids, you already know how excited you made them.

So what would you say to a unique haven this year? Someplace off the mass tourism maps? If you’re tired of returning to your frequent destinations, this year why not consider a trip to a remote and pampering destination in Asia? We’re even ready to present you with a few of our favourite destinations:


Belitung Island Indonesia

This tiny island paradise is located on the east coast of Sumatra. Fondly nicknamed ‘Sea Slug’ by the locals, the name suggests this is one lazy nirvana. This affordable island paradise you never knew existed offers stunning beaches like Tanjung Kalayang and Tanjung Tinggi with white sands, starfish and crystal blue water. Belitung Island itself is surrounded by more than 100 smaller islands with only a handful of them inhabited. Add a great experience to an already great one by exploring the islands and seeing different animals in their natural habitat. Don’t miss the old light house in the old Dutch colonial in one of the islands, which offers a stunning view of the area. To get there, it’s recommended to fly out from Jakarta. To move freely around Belitung, you will need a rented car or motorcycle as reliable taxis and buses are almost non-existent.


Bolaven Plateau Laos

Formed from an ancient volcano, the Bolaven Plateau is one of southern Laos’ most attractive destinations. Rich with cool waterfalls, lush green jungles, national parks, farmland, ethnic diversity and miles of excellent roads, one of the best ways to cover it all is by two-wheels for the most memorable experience. If you just happen to be a coffee lover, say hello to heaven because here you can taste arguably the highest grade coffee you have ever tasted. From an altitude of 800 to 1350 meters the area is green all year round and cooler than the rest of Laos and Thailand.


Koh Kood Thailand

One of Thailand’s last unspoilt islands, if you are down for some heavy relaxation and privacy, this is it. Due to Koh Kood’s remoteness, you’ll feel like all of its stunning waterfalls, powdery white beaches, tourist-free monasteries, tropical rainforests and great local kitchens are just waiting for you. Although accommodation may cost slightly more than the known touristy areas, it is worth every penny! Once you get there you can engage in activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing, trekking and cycling. Or maybe just lay under the sun. at Koh Kood you won’t feel under pressure to do anything you don’t want to. There island doesn’t comprise of many roads, so to get around you’ll need a scooter or rent a speed boat.


Iriomote Island Japan

One of the remote Yaeyama Islands in southwestern Japan, Iriomote Island is an ideal place for wild life adventures as 90% of the island is blanketed with subtropical mangrove forests. Iriomote is home to a number of exotic species of flora and fauna including the rare Iriomote cat (found only on Iriomote) and the dangerous Habu snake, a species of pit viper. Several rivers run far into the lush interior of the island and these can be explored by riverboat or kayak. This Island is blessed with a beautiful coral reef and you can enjoy your beach time with some scuba diving and snorkelling. Iriomote Island is located about 450 km Southwest of the main Okinawa Island and can be reached by ferry.


Kapas Island Malaysia

Perhaps the most beautiful island in Malaysia, offering a wide variety of activities for outdoor and sea lovers. Apart from its white sandy beaches fringed with shady palm trees you can explore its rich marine life among the many coral reefs surrounding the island. Snorkelling, fishing, squid catching, scuba diving, kayaking, beach volleyball as well as many more outdoor and indoor attractions are offered at the resorts. The island is relatively small and you can explore its entirety within a couple of hours while taking in the colourful natural flora and fauna which are truly beautiful, mesmerizing and relaxing. The best time to visit Kapas is from April – August after which the island shuts down during the monsoon season between November and February.