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13 Car Sex Tricks That Won’t Get You Arrested

Car sex can be epic. When you need to corrupt your Toyota Corolla, your car is a sexier tool than you think. We asked the good folks here at the desk to let us in on their dirtiest little moto-secrets and present you with 13 first hand experiences we’re sure you’d like to hear (and try!). So gear up, because here they cum (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves).

Now, time to get down and nasty…


1. Kinky Belts

All cars come equipped with the perfect BDSM accessory- seatbelts, people! Have your partner sit in the passenger seat and then click the belt into place. Order them to lift their hands over their head, and use whatever’s around (a scarf, bikini top, a dog leash…) to bind them to the headrest. Finally, slip sunglasses over their eyes to restrict vision and have your wicked way with them.

2. Temperature Tease

Now have some fun by blasting the AC for a couple of minutes, then switching to heat. Or turn the seat warmer on while the air conditioner is running. Not only does it add to the surprise factor because they won’t know what’s coming next, but transitioning from hot to cold also makes the skin ultra-sensitive.


3. Sunny Side Up

Open the sunroof and have your man sit in the passenger seat. Climb on top, facing him, and stand with your feet on either side of his hips (thanks to the sunroof, your upper body will be outside). Let him to treat you to oral—and if you’re wearing a skirt or dress, just ditch your underwear and let the material cascade over his head.


4. Take Him for a Ride

With your guy in the passenger seat, shift the seat all the way back, and recline the seatback. Get into his lap and go at it cowgirl-style. (Tip: Grab onto the headrest for leverage)

5. Fast and Furious

Kneel on the passenger seat, facing the back of the car, and (depending on how tall he is) have him either kneel on the seat or crouch behind you for doggie style.

6. Lap Trance

Here’s a hot one to try in the driver’s seat: Move the seat back as far as it goes, and sit face-forward on your man’s lap, so you’re both looking out the front window. Grab onto the steering wheel and use it to help rock your body back and forth.


7. Rear View, Ahem, Mirror

Strategically angle the car mirrors so they’re directed at the action.

8. Spoonful of Hotness

Spoon sex is the most comfortable back seat option (missionary can feel claustrophobic)—plus, no one will be able to see you. Move the front seats forward and the seat backs upright. He should lie on his side across the backseat, with you in front of him so your back is pressed against his chest. If the seat is narrow, keep yourself from falling off by bracing your hands against the seat in front of you.

9. Rock Your World

Music amps up car sex: Because you’re in such a small space, if you crank the volume enough the whole car will start to thump and vibrate, which can supercharge sensations. It also masks noise, giving you the freedom to get loud if you feel like it. Try changing the station during sex depending on the mood you’re in—so, hard rock if you want a fast, intense tempo; R&B for a slow, romantic vibe.


10. Steam Things Up

Leave the windows rolled up and let them get all steamy, a la Leo and Kate in Titanic.


11. Get Exhibitionist-y

If you’re feeling daring, lie down on the hood of the car, cover your bodies with a big blanket or towel, and then get into scissor sex position. That way, if anyone passes by it’ll look like you’re just making out.


12. Okay, Now Get Really Exhibitionist-y

If you’re positive you won’t get caught, go all out by trying doggie-style sex on the hood. Stand on the ground facing the car, bend over at the waist, and rest your hands on the hood so he can enter you from behind. Or, get onto the hood on your hands and knees (lay down a towel or blanket first in case the metal is hot(

13. Raise the Roof

Lie perpendicular on the roof of the car and scooch your butt to the edge so your legs dangle over the side. He should stand in front of you so you can prop your thighs on his shoulders, putting him in primo position to go down on you.


Rules of the Road

Before you hook up in your car, a newsflash from the fun police: Safe sex means not crashing the car during road head or getting slapped with a public indecency fine. So before we get started, keep these guidelines in mind, cool?

–  Park the car and turn it off. Nothing says buzzkill like an airbag exploding in your groin.

–  Do it at sunset or later. You’ll be less likely to be seen, plus it’s cooler out.

–  Find a private, kid-free place (along the beach, on a quiet side street, a movie parking lot, even your garage.

– Put a towel or sweatshirt over the seat so a) your butt doesn’t stick to the leather and b) you won’t have to get your car detailed the next day.

Now go do it!