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Dating the Reel Men: TV Characters Girls Dream About

As young girls, we all grew up on fairytales our moms used to tell us before bedtime which subconsciously created our idea of the “dream guy”- charming, strong, and will always come to our rescue. But as we mature that fantasy often changes as we encounter TV characters whom make us weak at the knees and want to spend our whole lives with or kill for one date, at the very least.


For us girls, the top gun comes from the 90’s comedy show everyone loves, Friends. It’s Ross Geller, Ph.D. This sext paleontologist with his on/off relationship with Rachel Green taught us what “meant to be” really is. He may have been married and divorced three times but if it is destiny, Ross will find a way to get you back.


But some of us already knew from the start that our man would be Marshall Eriksen of How I Met Your Mother. Isn’t it great to be married to your best friend? Even through all the years aside Lily Aldrin, he stayed loyal. In addition to being family-oriented and a huge sports fan, Marshall brings great mystical stories and soft lullaby songs, that will never bore you when you’re sick in bed.


And who wouldn’t want to be with Game of Thrones’s Robb Stark? Why settle for a prince when we can have “The King in the North”. Robb showed bravery and courage. He isn’t afraid to stand for what is right. So if you’re looking for someone with honor, dignity, and a gorgeous body, Robb is the man for you.


A new TV series called This Is Us premiered last year, and Jack Pearson caught our hearts instantly. He is the guy you want to be married with children to. Wait! Make that triplets! He’s the guy our moms always dreamed we’d land. Aside from being a hot daddy, he’s also loving, funny, responsible, thoughtful and sweet. Jack’s got it all.


Everyone fell in love with Charles “Chuck” Bartholomew Bass of the hit teen drama, Gossip Girl. He might be perceived as the bad boy and spoiled brat, but his unconditional love for Blair Waldorf is unquestionable. He’s the type of guy who isn’t always expressive of his feelings, but when he does, he goes for the extremes. On your dates, he would probably pick you up in a limousine and take you to some exquisite and expensive hotel for dinner, drinks, and who knows, maybe more! Hmmm…


The next guy might suck your blood out, but you wouldn’t forgive us if we left him out. Damon Salvatore of The Vampire Diaries is a guy to literally die for! Damon might be more than a hundred years old but his stunning body and attractive face say otherwise. He always wants things to be done his way. But behind a strong front personality is a loving heart, although not exactly beating (ha!). Damon is that beautiful nightmare your dad warned you about, but you’ve always longed for nevertheless.


But we’re not finished with the doctors yet. No list would be complete without Dr. Derek Christopher Shepherd from Grey’s Anatomy. He isn’t nicknamed “McDreamy” for nothing. If you want a man with a stable job and a kind heart, this neurosurgeon is the one for you. The man even lives in a trailer within a forest, which in itself must make for exciting nights, right?! And although things didn’t go smoothly at first, his love story with Meredity Grey is the one we wanted for ourselves. To be with a Derek definitely spells #RelationshipGoals.


Last but certainly not least is Archibald “Archie” Andrews from the new American teen drama show called Riverdale. He sings, plays the guitar, and maintains a star position in the football team. Perfect! But his character isn’t all it seems and comes with a bit of mystique, so knowing him is a bit more exhilarating. He will take you out for a pizza, then end the night with an unforgettable kiss. Typical boy-next-door, with a twist, that you will have to date to understand!