The Profiler: Which Personality Traits are in Common to All Lottery Winners?

People come to this world as different individuals, they all have a life story that IS developed over the years and makes them who they are as unique persons. Having said that, many people are sharing common things in life with other people, such as same preferences, same assumptions, same mentality. When it comes to trying to portray a shared psychological profile of lottery winning people, you can easily identify joint personality traits that each of them is endowed with. So, what do all lottery winners have in common? Check this out.

Always the Optimistic

“If you think it, it will come”. Well, we took a slightly different phrasing on this line, but you know what we mean. As it’s always been said, like a mantra – if you think of something hard enough and imagine it comes to life, eventually this will create your desired reality. Think positive and good things will come your way. And there’s no difference in our case, as lottery winners are considered optimistic people, who view winnings as a natural part of their lives. Not only do they see the good side of life, they also focus on the good side of people. They will be the first to brighten up your day and give you a boost or a shoulder when you’ll need it, they’re friendly and humble, and want their surroundings to be surrounded by good vibes.

Committed and Hardworking

Yup, it might strike you as a surprise, but lottery winners are not the kind of people to sit around all day and do nothing, on the contrary. They push themselves to high standards and won’t back down even at the face of the toughest challenge. The struggle along with the determination are the things that keep their eyes on the prize, as they maintain a tight shift of an organized routine. This kind of ongoing determination is what it takes to try again and again, especially while playing for the win.

Comfort Zone? Not Here Folks

If you know adventurous people and understand their true being, you probably already know they are not the kind of people who stay inside the boundaries of their comfort zone. Winning the lottery is an outcome that arrives after a daring decision-making approach. If you dare, and dare on a regular basis, it’s only natural that you increase your chances to win the prize. And if you dare like a wild card, well, that’s a straight path towards winning the jackpot. Let’s just say that playing safe won’t take you to the top, as this kind of approach lacks courage and a fierce spirit.

Undying Will to Grab a Win

One thing you can always find in a lottery winning psychological profile is resilience, and lots of it. They say that a beacon of light best shines out of the darkest hour, and when it comes to striving towards winning the jackpot, you may count your losses, but you keep going without despair. It’s actually pretty simple – if you haven’t won the lottery you probably haven’t lost. The secret here is to have the stamina to keep bouncing back, even after a heart burning loss. Lottery winning types of people are known to pull through, not only in regards to the game itself, but as a way of life, as a characterizing philosophy. In their minds, a defeat is a potential reality, but so is winning. That’s why they can rely on the vision of taking home that jackpot, because the hunger for success is the most powerful of all sensations.

Generosity is a Must

Did you really think that people who win the lottery are ones who keep their prize money bottled up in their basement? Oh no, far from it. Bet if you’d ask anyone who knows a lottery winner, they would happily describe one as generous and helpful towards their environment. If you read through some of the biggest lottery winning stories, you’d notice a re-occurring activity of generosity, such as donating for charity and other valuable causes, helping out friends and family with financial issues, and overall giving back.

So, if you want to paint the perfect lotto winning portrait, these are the 95% of the characteristic pie. Think you are included? Put your game where your thoughts are: