Has The Future of Automobile Finally Arrived?

Tesla has been integral in pioneering electric cars for widespread usage and popularity. This is why more and more people are swapping their fuel-guzzling cars for eco-friendly cars like Tesla’s.

With the buzz surrounding the upcoming release of Model 3- Tesla’s newest car to be made available this year, it’s easy to see why everyone’s excited. Read on to see why the Tesla 3 is the most anticipated car to hit the market this year!


Fast Performance Without the Heavy Price Tag

Unlike other electric cars with 90-mile ranges, the Tesla Model 3 is set to have a minimum range of 215 miles with options for higher distances. This is made possible by the most advanced version of lithium ion batteries and its powertrain that’s entirely electric.

In terms of performance, it can clock in as much as 60 mph in just 6 seconds. If you want something faster, Tesla will also be offering faster variants for the Model 3.

The best thing is that all of these features are packed into a compact body with affordable pricing. In fact, the Model 3 is Tesla’s smallest car to date and is aimed for the mass market so everyone can finally realize how cool and easy it is to drive an electric car.

Top-Notch Design and Functionality

When you take a look at Model 3, it’s obvious that most of its design details are taken from the sophisticated-looking Model S. What you get is an electric car with a sleek detailing that’s difficult to challenge. More than just the design, you also get two boots with Model 3, one on the front and one on the back, which has become the standard with all Tesla cars.

On the interior side, the Model 3 sports a minimalist style that looks clean and simple without seeming bare. The gear and speed selection are easily displayed near the upper part of the screen so there’s no confusing which control is which.

True to form, the dashboard is also appealingly simple with just a black and white trim that has the center console spaced in between the bucket seats at the front. Also included is a wide sunroof that covers the front seats and a glass roof over the rear seats which gives it an amazing illusion of being made of all-glass. The back legroom and headroom with their generous space are nothing to sneeze at as well.

One of the reasons behind the minimalist design is so that the Model 3 can do away with the standard vent air-conditioning system found in most cars. Instead of the heat being expelled through the front grill, the air will be coursed through a cleverly placed crack in the dashboard.


If you’re as excited as us, you’re definitely not alone! The Model 3 is set to be released in late 2017 with a suggested retail price of $35,000. This already includes the hardware required for the car’s Autopilot System.

The only catch- a cheaper price tag means you’ll have to pay whenever you charge with the Tesla’s Supercharge Network.

So far, the Model 3’s reveal has been met with utmost anticipation and warm reception. In fact, as soon as Tesla announced their plans for Model 3 the company received over 115,000 orders. And when they opened their online reservations, an additional 373,000 signed up to reserve a car upon release. Now that’s what you call a win-win—not just on the driver’s side, but for the rise of sustainable transport as well!