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Totally Legit Ways to Make Money from Home

Whether you’re a full-time employee, a busy mother, a stay at home father, or someone who’s just looking to make some extra bucks from home, the internet offers us countless of legitimate ways to earn money from home. And just like life outside home, if it looks too good to be true and sounds like a “get rich quick” scheme, it probably is. Most of the techniques require work and dedication before seeing any big profits. But if you’re determined to make money by working from home you can do it.

In this post we’ve grouped the methods into three: ‘online jobs’, ‘online businesses’, and ‘other gigs’.


1. Online jobs. You can find an internet-based job if you have the skills that most employers need. If you have the knowledge, experience and skills, you can work as a virtual assistant and perform different administrative tasks as well as other tasks required by the employer. If you have the necessary qualification and English skills, you can write for website owners to help increase their site’s content. You can also become a remote-based call center agent or if you’re a teacher, you can become an Online Teaching Assistant or tutor students with their homework. Some accountants do online bookkeeping from home. Programmers and designers create websites while those proficient in graphics and multimedia can provide their services in creating logos, videos, image editing and other related tasks. Professionally registered nurses can work at home providing triage and medical information over the phone or internet. So as you see, depending on your skills, there is always a job for you online.


2. E-commerce. You don’t need to be experienced in business to sell products online. You only need determination to learn how to find the most saleable products at the cheapest cost. After you’ve chosen your product, devote time to sharpen the visibility of your online store and the sales process. Everything can be learned on the Internet via YouTube or online courses that only cost a few dollars. Social media like Facebook and Instagram are very useful in advertising and can give any entrepreneur a much-desired boost.
You can sell new products as well as used ones. In addition, you can post your handmade crafts in various e-commerce sites for free or close to that, including Ebay, Amazon and Etsy. The latter is a community composed mostly of entrepreneurs who sell their own handcrafted products. Handmade at Amazon also offers similar services as Etsy.


3. Other gigs. If you don’t want to get a ‘real’ job online or don’t feel confident enough to start your own online business, the internet offers endless of other endeavors you could tackle. Just to mention a few:

  • Answering surveys, watching videos, clicking on links. You won’t make a fortune, but will make some extra easy bucks.
  • Testing websites and providing companies with much desired feedback.
  • Doing odd jobs at Fiver can be exciting. Who would have believed that “being your online girlfriend for two days” or “singing a birthday song for you on cam’ could actually make you money.
  • Scanning your grocery receipts and uploading them to Nielsen Consumer Panel.
  • Reviewing movies and listening to music, then rating them.
  • Performing micro-tasks at Mechanical Turk and other related sites.
  • Starting a blog can help you generate a good stream of income through affiliate marketing and advertisements.
  • Giving advice. If you are knowledgeable on many things, you can earn as a paid advice giver, even in your PJ’s.
  • Invest at Stash. Stash is a mobile app that supports small-time investors who can start with as little as $5. Stash provides support and advice to help you earn from your investment.
  • Download apps. Companies like Digital Reflection Panel, SavvyConnect and MobileXpression for iPhones will actually pay you for downloading smartphone apps. You’ll also get paid monthly if you keep them installed.

Ok, some jobs will take longer to master, but others you could probably do in a blink. Whatever your niche, skills or appetite for money happens to be, it’s always good to know that there are endless legitimate ways to make more money online. The key is to think creatively about how you can adapt your skills for them. Now, stop reading and go make money!